Malaysia Teh Tarik

The Malaysian milk tea — Teh Tarik — is originated from our local Indian Muslims. The beverage is specially prepared by pouring black tea and milk back and forth repeatedly between two pitcher. The art of the ‘pulling’ process enhances the taste by mixing both ingredients thoroughly, alleviating the bitterness of the tea.

Broga Hill uses high quality Sri Lankan Ceylon black tea for its strong flavours and aroma, the best choice for making Teh Tarik. The delicate, slippery-smooth froth infused with rich tea aroma, gives you an endless lip-smacking tantalizing taste as you savour every sip.

The tenacious lalang, will never buldge in any condition or circumstances. This strong-willed spirit has inspired the founder Mr T.S. Ean Yong to name after his brand ‘Broga Hill’.


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